Leggings for Women: Buying the Right Leggings for You

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Are you looking for leggings for women? We’ve got the top ways to make sure you’re buying the perfect pair of leggings for you.

Did you know that the athleisure market is expected to see its sales total to $105.1 billion in 2020? It’s not a surprise, considering that so many people want something comfortable to lounge around in or do yoga during these uncertain times.

If you’re one of the people who’s going to add to the money in this industry because you’re looking to buy leggings for women, then you might not be entirely sure where to start. Maybe you’re wondering how much you can afford, or what leggings will be most comfortable.

You also might have questions about which work out leggings are best for working out in. And how do you figure out which ones will actually fit? If you’re shopping online, you might be worried about the complexity of return policies and shipping.

It’s stressful and overwhelming to think about all this. That’s why we’ve put this guide together.

By knowing how to budget, choose the right tights, and shop online so that you get a good deal (and don’t get scammed!), you can finally get the tights you want and enjoy them. Read on to learn more.


Even before you choose the right tights for you—whether you’re looking for high waisted leggings or push up jeans with a high waist—you need to think about what you can actually afford.

When you’re shopping for leggings for women, they can run from no-frills cheap black leggings to extraordinarily expensive flashy workout leggings that the likes of the Kardashians wear.

If you aren’t careful, you’ll end up piling a ton of options into your grocery cart.

After which, you’ll find that these tights total up to hundreds of dollars. To avoid this problem, you need to put together a budget for what you can actually afford.

This might not include only your leggings.

For example, if you’re going to use your leggings when you work out, you might also be buying sneakers and a sports bra. If you plan on lounging in them, you might want to include that extra sweatshirt and tee in your budget.

Once you know what items you’re planning to buy, take a look at your monthly spending. Include rent and necessities, as well as an estimate of how much you spend daily and on going out on weekends.

What can you cut back on? Can you buy fewer lattes?

Then, you’ll know how much you can actually afford to spend. Take a look at the items you want, and decide how much to spend on each. Now, you have your budget, and you’re ready to figure out what women leggings are right for you.

The Right Fit and Length For Women’s Leggings

The first thing you’ll want to think about when choosing the right leggings for you is by thinking about fit and length. There are four kinds of leggings: full length, Capri length, ankle-length, and stirrup length.

Full-length leggings go all the way down to the bottom of your leg. These are perfect if you’ve got a bit of a walk to the gym and it’s the middle of the winter. Or, you plan on lounging, and your house gets a little chilly at night.

Capri length leggings are better for summer since they stop just below your knee. If you’re doing a lot of aerobic exercise at the gym, they’re a good choice too since you won’t get too hot.

As for ankle length and stirrup length leggings, these are the best leggings to wear as pants because they’re cute and fashionable. Paired with the right pair of bright heels, you’ll turn heads everywhere you go.

Additionally, keep in mind that leggings either end below your belly button, at it, or below it. 

For exercise, we recommend the ones that go higher up on your body, since it will be more comfortable. Otherwise, it’s up to you what’s most comfortable when walking around or lounging.

Choose the Fabric

Once you’ve decided on what length of leggings you want, it’s time to think about fabrics. Depending on what you’re using your leggings for, you might go for leggings made from synthetics, cotton, or a blend of both.


When leggings are made with synthetic materials, they’re made with polyester, spandex, or nylon. These leggings are ideal for working out at the gym or for going on a run since they usually are made so that they soak up moisture.

They’re slightly less comfortable than cotton, but if you want them to work like the best push up jeans and shape your body a little, leggings made from synthetics are also a good fashion choice.


If you’re planning on lounging around at home in leggings, then you should buy ones made from cotton. This material is more comfortable. However, it can lose shape over time, so if you want a good fit, we wouldn’t recommend cotton leggings.

The Synthetics-Cotton Blend

Finally, there’s the synthetics-cotton blend. If you want to be comfortable but also be able to move around and look fashionable, this is the perfect choice. For example, synthetics-cotton blend leggings are great for yoga, when you’ll be sweating a bit while relaxing.

Keep in mind that when you’re making choices about fabric, you’ll want to think about what temperatures are like in your home and outside.

Lightweight leggings are a better fit for hotter weather and heart-pumping activities, while heavy fabrics are better for the cold.

The Features of Leggings for Women

Once you’ve thought about fabric and length, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what the right type of leggings are for you. However, there are some features you should think about in addition to length and fabric.


If you’ve got a little extra money to spend, then you should think about what design delights you. Do you prefer certain colors or designs? If you’re going to the gym and want to show off, think about what designs represent you best.

Seams for Contouring

This is an additional feature to consider if you’ve got a little extra money to spend. If you want to feel fabulous while jogging or lifting weights in the gym, buy leggings that have seams of contouring.

They’ll show off the curves of your body even before you start doing daily squats.


If you’re a jogger, then you might find a drawstring to be a useful feature since it can keep your leggings from slipping while you’re on the go. It can also be useful if you’re lounging around at home and don’t want to constantly fix the height of your leggings.


Pockets are incredibly useful if you’re going jogging and don’t want to leave your phone with your tunes behind—or your keys, so you can get back in! If you’re afraid of losing anything, get leggings with zippers on their pockets.

Finding the Right Size For You

So that you’re comfortable in your jeggings, you also need to think about the size. If you’re buying online, buy from a retailer that offers free returns (with free shipping if possible), so you don’t lose money because you bought the wrong fit.

When trying on your leggings, do some squats and any other exercise you do at home that won’t make you sweat. Are you comfortable? Does the waistband slip down, or does it stay in place?

If the material becomes see-through when you move around, then the leggings are too small.

When bending your knees, ensure that there isn’t too much stretch in that area. Otherwise, you end up with holes in the knees—so you’ll quickly lose the money you spent!

Other features to consider when trying on your leggings is whether the zippers on pockets are pressing in a bit into your skin.

This means they’re small and might end up irritating your skin when you run around. If you’re constantly pulling your leggings up, then they’re too large.

Types of Leggings For Women

There are so many different types of leggings out there, nearly as many types of women jeans that there are. So that you end up buying the type you want instead of having to return what you’ve bought to the shop, check these out.

Ribbed Leggings

If you’re planning on lounging in your leggings, then you definitely want ribbed leggings. These are knit, warm, and comfortable. Buy them in a long length, so that you can stay warm and cozy during winter.

Long High-Waisted Synthetic Leggings

These are the go-to for going to the gym. They’ll soak up all your sweat and won’t slip around while you’re getting your butt in gear. If you think you might get too hot, consider getting these but in a Capri style.

Stretch Stirrup Leggings

Do you fancy yourself a fashionista? Then you need stretch stirrup leggings. If you get them in black, then they’ll slim your legs and look great with any color top or shoes. Get high-quality leggings so you can wear them out often, washing them often without them fading.

Online Shopping Tips Leggings For Women

Once you’ve selected the right types of leggings and budgeted for them, it’s time to start shopping. Because so many people are shopping online due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we’re providing you with some online shopping tips.

Get Leggings on Sale

One of the best ways to save on money when buying leggings is by taking advantage of sales. Wake up early on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get the freshest deals—and don’t forget to check out Christmas sales and post-Christmas sales.

Sign Up for the Right Newsletters For Women Leggings

Another way to save money when shopping online is by signing up for newsletters with the companies you love most. Once you’ve researched which leggings are for you, put together a list of the companies that sell the ones you’re most drawn to. Then, sign up for the newsletter.

With a newsletter, you’ll be the first to hear about deals on leggings. You’ll also be given discount codes you can use at checkout, and you might even get some swag for free!

Consider Retailer Credit Cards

Okay. If you’re only buying a couple of pairs of leggings so you can lounge in the house in them when the other one is in the dirty laundry basket, you might not want to get a retailer credit card. However, if you plan on making a big purchase of leggings, shoes, and more, then do it. 

Let’s say your New Year’s resolution is to go to the gym more often. Then you’ll need to buy all these things. In that case, consider getting a retailer credit card, so you can get an immediate discount on your purchase and save more in the future.

If you’re not great with credit cards, though, don’t use this option. Otherwise, you’ll owe more in debt to the company than you were planning to pay for leggings and other clothes!

Need More Tips On Leggings For Women

Do you need more tips on buying leggings for women? Or maybe you want to learn more about shopping online, or you’re looking for shopping tips for jeans. Whatever you need, we’re experts in shopping online for clothes here at My Full Fun Mart.

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