Helpful Tips for Online Shopping for Women’s Clothing

If there is one industry that has remained largely unaffected by Covid19 this year, it’s the world of online retail, aka e-commerce. In fact, research shows that the e-commerce industry has had one of its best years yet, with a 31% increase in sales in the first three months of 2020.

Looking for tips for online shopping? Thanks to the global pandemic, most of us are forced to shop online for the things we need (and want), including clothes! However, buying clothes online can be a little daunting, especially if you’re paying good money for an item. 

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, check out the rest of this blog on tips for online shopping.


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Online Shopping Tip #1: Know Your Measurements 

This is an important tip because ordering the right size garment depends on the accuracy of your measurements. Sizes tend to vary from one retailer to the next, while different garments can also fit differently, depending on each person’s body type. 

Using your measurements is one of the best ways to know whether a clothing item will fit you correctly. You should measure key areas of your body, such as your chest, waist, hips, outer leg length, and inseam length. Make sure these measurements are as accurate as possible. 

A top tip to keep in mind is to measure your waist and hip measurements while sitting down. This is the best way to guarantee a garment will fit you, especially if the material does not allow for much give/stretch. 

When it comes to your inseam, there are usually three general sizes on offer: petite, standard, and tall. In order to accurately measure your inseam, start at the upper part of your inner thigh, and measure to just above your ankle. This will help you to order the perfect pant length. 

Online Shopping Tip #2: Use the Size Charts for Reference 

Most online retailers will offer a size chart for you to refer to ensure you are ordering the right size, according to your unique measurements. It allows you to compare your own measurements with the fit/size of their garments. 

If find yourself caught between two different sizes, it’s always best to order the larger size, just in case. Bear in mind that some garments tend to shrink a little after you wash them. 

Comparing your measurements to a sizing chart can help you when shopping from multiple retailers as clothing sizes will always vary from one merchant to the next.  

Online Shopping Tip #3: Order Based on Fit, Not Flare

This is another crucial point to keep in mind. You want to order your garments based on how they will fit at your largest measurements. So, remember to order based on the fit of a garment, not its flare. This is because the ”fit” is the smallest part, and it should sit comfortably on your body. 

If a garment is marketed as a ”close” or ”tight” fit, make sure to order the right size, based on your largest measurement.

Online Shopping Tip #4: Always Read the Customer Reviews 

Customer reviews are great for two things: they offer a true and honest representation of the quality of a garment and whether it’s worth buying. They also help you to understand whether a garment will fit you, and how it fits, based on other people’s reviews. 

Reviews include details on the quality of the fabric, how it moves, and how it feels. They also offer advice on whether to ”size up or down” based on the fit of an item. This information can be very helpful when you’re unsure about a particular garment. 

Online Shopping Tip #5: Remember That Color Is Not Always What It Seems 

While a garment may look pink on the website, this does not always translate to the exact same shade in real life. When it arrives, you may find that it’s a little more red in color than you thought. Remember that most retailers do their best to show off the exact color and shape of a garment, but sometimes it just isn’t what you expect. 

It’s important to be flexible with online shopping. If you are dead set against a color, then by all means send it back. However, if you can work with it, then keep it! 

Online Shopping Tip #6: Always Do Your Homework on Return Policies 

This should be a top priority when shopping online. You want to make sure you are fully aware of a retailer’s return policy in case you don’t like an item or it doesn’t fit, and you need to send it back. 

Do a review of what a return entails, whether it will cost you money and whether the process is complicated or not. It’s always best to shop with a retailer that offers free returns. 

Online Shopping Tip #7: Get to Know Your Fabrics 

Having a basic understanding of the different types of fabrics in the retail industry can really help during your shopping experience. This way, you’ll have an idea of how a certain type of fabric moves, how it feels, how much it stretches, and how forgiving it is when worn. 

Fabric knowledge can also help you to assess whether a garment is worth what you’re paying, how to wash and care for it, and how to store it. 

Your Tips for Online Shopping, Sorted

By keeping these tips for online shopping in mind, you are guaranteed to order the right garment to suit your size, style, and budget. Remember to keep flexibility in mind, as well as your consumer rights. If you don’t like something or it doesn’t fit, you have every right to return it! 

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